The Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa

Lystrosaurus Cast - for Best Poster.

1988 - Gideon Groenewald - Palaeontology of the North East Orange Free State
1990 - Patrick Bender and James Brink
1992 - Billy de Klerk, Mike Raath and Norton Hiller - The First South African Dinosaur?
1994 - Robert Gess - Devonian plant and fish fossil from Grahamstown
1996 - Billy de Klerk, Cathy Forster and Callum Ross - Lower Cretaceous Kirkwood dinosaurs
1998 - Roger Smith - Bone-bearing coprolites of the Karoo
2000 - Eddie van Dijk - for his very high standard in four posters
2002 - J.H. van den Worm and Jurie van den Heever - Pleiocene lizards from the West Coast Fossil Park
2004 - Robert Gess - A large cyrtoctenid eurypterid from a Witpoort Formation (Upper Devonian, Famennian) exposure near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape
2006 - Marc Blackbeard - Taphonomy of an early Jurassic dinosaur bone-bed, Free State
2008 - Maria Ovechkina, Mike Watkeys and Warren Kretzinger - Calcareous nannofossils from the stratotype section of the Santonian-Campanian Mzamba Formation, Eastern Cape, South Africa
2010 - Alicia Kennedy, B.-A. S. Bhullar, P. J. Lewis and M. L. Thies – A preliminary analysis of a Plio-Pleistocene herpetofauna from Botswana
2012 - Ashley Kruger, Bruce Rubidge and Fernando Abdala - A redescription of a burnetiamorph (Therapsida, Biarmosuchia) from Karoo rocks of Malawi
2014 - Mhairi Reid - Invertebrate taphonomy and sedimentology of the Devonian Voorstehoek Formation (Ceres Subgroup, Bokkeveld Group, Cape Supergroup), Western Cape