The Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa

Financial Affairs of the Society - PSSA Finances

1 The financial year of the Society will commence on 1 April and end on 31 March of the following year.

2 The Hon. Treasurer will operate and maintain a banking or savings account in the name of the Society. Withdrawals from such accounts must be authorised by the signatures of two formally appointed signatories (normally the Hon. Treasurer and one other member of the Executive Committee). If the Hon. Treasurer is not available any two other members of the Executive Committee who have been formally empowered to do so may sign a cheque or withdrawal slip on behalf of he Society, but as soon as is reasonable they must provide the Hon. Treasurer with full documentary reasons why it was necessary for the withdrawal to be made in the absence of the Hon. Treasurer.

3 All income and expenditure on behalf of the Society is to be recorded by the Hon. Treasurer, or someone acting on his/her behalf, in the Society's account books, supported where appropriate by all relevant vouchers.

4 Each year, as soon as possible after the closure of the financial year on March 31st, the Hon. Treasurer will submit the Society's books of account, bank statements and/or savings account statements and all supporting vouchers to a meeting of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will then appoint an independent auditor to audit the Society's accounts. Copies of the audited accounts and the auditor's report will be distributed to all Members for approval as soon as possible thereafter.

5 The Executive Committee is empowered to decide how best to invest the funds of the Society, provided only that its decisions must be guided by what judges to be the best interests of the Society and its Members.

6 The Executive Committee may determine any amounts to be paid by non-members as a subscription fee for the Newsletter or any other Society publication or service.

7 The Organising Committee of each Biennial Conference must submit to the Executive Committee, for its approval, proposals for the registration fees and any other fees to be charged to delegates.