The Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa

Management of the Society

1 THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Management of the Society will vest in a committee known as the Executive Committee.

1.1 The Executive Committee will consist of:
the President of the Society,
the Immediate Past President,
the Vice President,
the Honorary Secretary,
the Honorary Treasurer,
the Honorary Editor of the Newsletter,
and such other Office Bearers as the Members may from time to time decide.
Apart from the President and Immediate Past President, all other Office Bearers are elected by Members in good standing present at the General Meeting of the Society held during each Biennial Conference, unless circumstances demand the convening of an Extraordinary General Meeting specifically for the purposes of holding elections.

1.2 These office bearers will hold office for approximately two years, determined by the dates of the Biennial Conference, i.e. their terms will run from the date on which they were elected during one Biennial Conference until the date of the next election at the succeeding Biennial Conference. The office bearers may include postgraduate students provided their anticipated degree registration period runs concurrently with their term of office.

1.3 The Executive Committee will have the power to appoint assistants for any of its Office Bearers or to combine the duties of any of the offices as it deems necessary.


2.1 At the end of his/her term of office, the incumbent President will automatically step down to become the Immediate Past President; the Vice President will automatically succeed to the presidency.

2.2 Should the President resign during his/her term of office, the Vice President will automatically assume the duties of the President for the remainder of that term; thereafter he/she will serve the following term as if he/she had succeeded the Vice presidency in the normal way.

2.3 Should the Vice President become President under the circumstances set forth in 2.2, an Acting Vice President will be appointed by the Executive Committee to serve during the remainder of that term; a new Vice President must then be elected by the Members of the Society at the next Biennial Conference.

2.4 Should the Vice President resign during his/her term of office, a new Vice President must be elected by the Members of the Society, if necessary via postal ballot; this person will then automatically become President at the end of that current term.