The Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa

Conferences and Meetings


1 Unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee in the light of prevailing economic or other relevant circumstances, a Palaeontological Conference will be organised under the auspices of the Society every second year, at a venue to be determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the proposed host institution (if any). The occasion of such a Biennial Conference will also be used to convene a General Meeting of the Society at which Members may discuss the affairs of the Society, debate resolutions affecting the Society, its constitution and its activities, elect its office bearers, consider, and if agreed adopt, motions and discuss any other matters of interest to the Society.

2 The host institution or the Executive Committee (as appropriate) will appoint an Organising Committee to plan arrangements for the next Conference and General Meeting as soon as a venue has been decided. This Committee will be responsible, in consultation with the Executive Committee, for drawing up the programme of the Conference and for making such other arrangements as may be necessary for its conduct, including:
proposing the registration fees to be paid by full delegates, accompanying spouses, students, and any other category of conferee, and submitting these proposals in good time for approval by the Executive Committee;
calling for and receiving offers of papers, posters and other presentations for the conference, determining the acceptability of each, and compiling the Conference Programme;
Making adequate provision within the programme for the Society's General Meeting;
Negotiating appropriate accommodation at the most favourable rates for delegates;
arranging a suitable social programme during the course of the conference;
organising suitable field visits to areas of palaeontological interest before, during or after the conference as may be appropriate.
making suitable arrangements for the compilation, editing and timely publication of the Conference proceedings.

4 The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, decide to invite prominent personalities in palaeontology or related disciplines to attend the Biennial Conference as its guests, provided it is satisfied that the costs attendant on such invitations can be met either from the Society funds or from outside sponsorship.