The Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa

About Membership

1 The Society has four categories of membership: Honorary, Ordinary, Student and Associate:

1.1 HONORARY MEMBERSHIP - this constitutes the highest honour which the Society can bestow, and it is conferred for life. A candidate for Honorary Membership, who would normally be a prominent person who has made a distinguished contribution to palaeontology or a sister discipline, must be formally proposed by a Member in good standing and seconded by at least two other Members in good standing. The nomination, with a full motivation in support, must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary for consideration by the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee supports the proposal, it will be put to the Members for approval either at a General Meeting of the Society or in a postal ballot. If no dissenting vote is cast against the nomination, and providing the affirmative vote represents at least two thirds of the paid-up membership of the Society, the candidate will be declared by the President duly elected to Honorary Membership. If the nomination fails to attract two-thirds support form the Members, even though it might not have drawn a single dissenting vote, it will fall away. Honorary Members are not eligible for election to any office in the Society, but otherwise they enjoy all the rights and privileges of Ordinary Membership, including the right to vote. They will not be required to pay membership subscription fees.
1.2 ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP - Any person interested in South African palaeontology may apply on the prescribed form for Ordinary Membership. Provided such application is supported by two members in good standing, and on payment of the prescribed membership fee, the applicant will be deemed to have been elected to membership. An Ordinary Member shall have all the rights and privileges of membership, and shall have the right to vote provided his membership is in good standing.
1.3 STUDENT MEMBERSHIP - This category of membership is open to bona fide full-time students who are not in employment. Application is made in the normal way on the prescribed form, to be submitted with suitable evidence of the applicant's status as a full-time student (such as a letter from the applicant's professor or supervisor, or from a Member to whom the student is known personally). Provided the Executive Committee accepts the evidence of student status, and provided the application is supported by two Members in good standing, and on payment of the appropriate membership fee, the applicant will be deemed to have been elected a Student Member. Student Members have all the rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote providing their membership is in good standing.
1.4 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - This category of membership is intended for individuals or representative of an organisation with whom the Society wishes to maintain close contact, without requiring that the persons concerned should apply for Ordinary Membership. By virtue of his office in the body that has legal responsibility for fossils in South Africa, the Director of the National Monuments Council of South Africa (and Deputy) will be invited to accept this category of membership so as to maintain close links between the Society and the Council. Associate Members will not have voting rights, nor will they be required to pay membership fees.

2 Membership in any category may be terminated by submitting a letter of resignation to the Hon. Secretary; alternatively, the membership of any person in a category required to pay subscription fees whose subscriptions are more than three years in arrears shall lapse (see Clause 4.3).

3 Any member who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee or of the majority of the members of the Society, acts contrary to the aims of the Society, or whose actions are considered likely to bring the Society into disrepute, may be expelled from the membership of the Society by formal decision of the Executive Committee.


4.1 The annual membership subscription fees for Ordinary and Student Members will be determined from time to time by majority decision of the paid-up Members of the Society. Notice of at least one calendar month must be given to Members of any proposal to increase subscription fees, after which suitable arrangements must be made to canvass the opinion of the Members, by calling a General Meeting or by arranging a postal ballot.
4.2 Membership fees become payable each year on April 1st, and a notice advising that fees are due will be published in the mid-year issue of the Newsletter.
4.3 Members still in arrears with their subscription fees by the end of July will be advised accordingly by the Hon. Treasurer. Members still in arrears by the end of December will have their membership suspended until all arrears have been paid; a suspended Member is not eligible to vote and may not be nominated for office. Members whose subscription fees remain unpaid for three consecutive years will automatically forfeit their membership.
4.4 No money will be refunded to any person who resigns or whose membership has been terminated by whatever means or for whatever reason.