The Palaeontological Society of Southern Africa

PSSA Vision

The aims of the Society

1 To foster interest in all fields of palaeontology, to promote research into Southern African palaeontology, and to disseminate palaeontological knowledge.

2 To guide the activities of amateur palaeontologists and to co-ordinate them with the activities of professionals.

3 To determine and record the geographic location of palaeontological sites in Southern Africa which, on reasonable and sufficient grounds, are considered to be important, and where possible, either alone or in collaboration with other interested bodies, to take steps to preserve such sites for posterity.

4 To publish at a frequency to be determined by the Executive Committee an informal newsletter under the title "PalNews/PalNuus", hereinafter referred to as the Newsletter which will be distributed to Members in good standing free of charge.

5 To encourage the publication by its Members of professional contributions to palaeontological knowledge in existing specialist journals, both locally and internationally.